Playing Pong… Telepathically!

Uhhh… what’s a Brain-Computer Interface?

Visual Representation of the idea behind BCIs
  1. Electroencephalagrams (EEGs) — meaures brain signals
  2. Electrcardiagram (ECG) — measures heart signals
  3. Electromyography (EMG) — measures muscle signals

What BCI board are you going to use?

Image of OpenBCI’s Ganglion Board

Okay, so how are you going to connect the EMGs from the Ganglion board to the computer?

Getting inspired by a dinosaur…

Demo of Dino Project (I look sad, but I was just tired 😪)
  • Getting the code to read two channels instead of one (which surprisingly took longer than expected).
  • Pressing the down and up arrow keys depending on which arm we’re flexing (instead of just pressing the spacebar)

All that’s left is to do… is play!

Now it’s a bit hard to see my hands from that angle, but if you look closely you can see that when I flex one arm, the paddle goes up, and when I flex the other it goes down!

Final Thoughts



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