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  • Sophia Laird

    Sophia Laird

    15 y/o passionate about immunotherapies | tks.world

  • Nancy Chen

    Nancy Chen

    15 y/o student interested in Synthetic Biology | TKS Innovator

  • Bernice Lien

    Bernice Lien

    Hey everyone! I’m Bernice and I’m a high school student who loves to learn about technology. Follow me to get notified for my articles :)

  • Bryan Kim

    Bryan Kim

    Born in 2006, South Korea, currently a highschool school student and the Knowledge Society student in Canada

  • Ishan Chenthooran

    Ishan Chenthooran

  • Fatimah Hussain

    Fatimah Hussain

    An AI+ML+CAD Software Design Enthusiast. Striving to Create an Everlasting Impact.

  • Anya Singh

    Anya Singh

    I like to write about tech, books, and cool things I learn.

  • Abhay Ratti

    Abhay Ratti

    writing about stuff that interests me :)

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